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Latihan Soal USBN Bahasa Inggris SMA 2022 dan Kunci Jawaban

Hai sobat, kembali lagi dengan admin centralpendidikan.com. Masih dalam tahap penyempurnaan artikel tentang USBN. Di kesempatan kali ini admin akan membagikan latihan soal USBN bahasa inggris SMA dan kunci jawaban untuk keseluruhan jurusan mulai dari IPA/MIPA, IPS/IIS, dan Bahasa. 

Jumlah keseluruhan soal sebanyak 40 butir soal yang sudah disesuaikan dengan model soal asli yang akan sobat hadapi kelak. Contohnya seperti performatan soal, yaitu soal pilihan gan (PG) dan soal essay/uraian. Untuk contoh soal USBN bahasa inggris bagian pilihan ganda sudah tersedia kunci jawaban lengkap yang bisa sobat pelajari langsung dari blog ini/online.

Sedangkan untuk uraian, sobat bisa mengerjakannya sesuai dengan pendapat soal per butir soal. Admin tidak menyediakan kunci jawabannya.

Materi USBN bahasa inggris SMA sudah ada pada bagian kisi - kisi USBN terbaru yang di rilis BSNP pada bulan november 2020 kemarin. Dengan ringkasan materi yang terdiri dari : 
  1. Fungsi sosial yang tediri dari materi topik, isu, masalah, pesan, tonteks penggunaan, dsb
  2. Struktur teks yang terdiri dari materi langkah-langkah, peristiwa, plot, alur, dsb
  3. Unsur kebahasaan yang terdiri dari materi persamaan kata, pronoun, passive voice, preposisi, dsb
Keseluruhan materi bisa sobat lihat pada postingan BSNP.

Latihan Soal USBN Bahasa Inggris SMA 2022 dan Kunci Jawaban

Latihan Soal USBN Bahasa Inggris SMA 2022 dan Kunci Jawaban

Sebagaimana yang sobat ketahui, bahwa hasil dari USBN dijadikan bahan acuan dalam penentu kelulusan para siswa. Yang artinya hasil ini juga  yang nantinya akan dipajang pada ijazah yang akan sobat gunakan untuk melamar kerja.

Persiapan seperti mempelajari latihan soal USBN bahasa inggris SMA ini diperlukan agar sobat bisa lebih siap dalam menghadapi hal itu kelak. 

Selain menyediakan latihan soal dalam bentuk online di artikel ini. Pihak kami juga sudah memberikan naskah soal berbetuk PDF yang bisa sobat download secara gratis disini. Dan untuk copy paste untuk di publish ulang di blog sobat admin melarangnya.

Yapp, itu saja pendahuluannya. Berikut ini adalah Latihan Soal USBN Bahasa Inggris SMA 2022 dan Kunci Jawaban. Selamat mengerjakan...


The Following text is for questions no 1 and 2

To: All customers, 

Due to the severe fire that happened last week, our company, Rainbow Corporation, has to renovate some buildings. The renovation will be time-consuming and consequently, our office will be temporarily moved to Flamboyant Street 16, about 500m from our company. We will not stop our production, but it will influence our production process, such as the delay of product making, tardiness of product delivery and other services.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you.

Mr. Johnson
General Manager

1. What is the topic of the text?
A. The delay of product making.
B. The severe fire at the company.
C. The renovation of some buildings. 

D. The company’s temporary address.
E. The production process of the company. 

Jawaban : D

2. Why must Rainbow Corporation renovate its buildings?
A. The buildings were burned down.
B. The office moved to other building. 

C. The product making was delayed. 
D. The company office was flooded.
E. The product delivery was late 

Jawaban : A

The following text is for questions 3 -4

May 8th, 2016

Dear Grandpa,

How are you grandpa? I was really happy to see you and Grandma at my graduation ceremony, and I hope you’re recovering from your high blood pressure soon.

Do you mind if I visit you on Saturday? I’d really like to show you my new cat. I think you’ll adore her. Her name is Susan, and I got her last week. For your information, she’s your favorite breed: an angora cat, just like Soho!

I’m excited to come and to see you soon. Let me know if Saturday will be OK for my coming.

Love, Onavia

3. Why did Onavia send her grandparents a letter?
A. She planned to give them her cat
B. She wanted to visit them on Saturday
C. She asked them to attend her graduation 

D. She asked her granddad about his health 
E. She told them a name of her new born cat 
Jawaban : B

4. We can infer that ....
A. Onavia’s grandma is sick
B. Onavia’s grandpa is a pet lover
C. Onavia’s grandma is a pet lover
D. Onavia’s grandpa visited her last week
E. Grandpa and grandma are not well at this time 

Jawaban : B

The following text is for questions 5 - 7

Susi Pudjiastuti was born January 15, 1965, in Pangandaran, WestJava, the daughter of Haji Ahmad Karlan and Hajjah SuwuhLasminah. She is Javanese, but her family are fifth-generation settlers of Pangandaran which is predominantly Sundanese. Her family business engaged primarily in real estate and livestock trade

Following junior high school, Pudjiastuti continued senior high school at SMA Negeri 1 Yogyakarta, but did not complete her studies after she was expelled for political activism in the Golput (GolonganPutih, or absenteeism in protest of Golkar rule) movement, which was banned under then President Suharto's New Order. Pudjiastuti is the first Indonesian minister to have never completed a High School education.

On 26 October 2014, President Joko Widodo appointed Pudjiastuti as Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries under his 2014-2022 working cabinet. Prior to accepting her appointment, Pudjiastuti relinquished her position as President Director of PT ASI Pudjiastuti Marine Product and PT ASI Pudjiastuti Aviation.

On 16 September 2016, WWF awarded her as one of the Leaders for a Living Planet Award. This is in recognition on her efforts as Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries to forward a sustainable development in Indonesian fisheries sector, conservation of marine ecosystem, as well as her fierce crackdown on illegal fishing in Indonesian waters.

5. What is the purpose of the text?
A. Telling about Susi Pudjiastuti'schildhood.
B. Admiring Susi Pudjiadtuti for her life achievement.
C. Describing Susi Pujiastuti who got one of the Leaders for a Living Planet Award. 

D. Explaining about political view of Susi Pudjiadtuti before appointed as a minister. 
E. Sharing about Susi Pudjiastuti’s life as a Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries. 
Jawaban : B

6. What did Susi Pudjiastuti give away when she was appointed as a Minister?
A. Her positions as President Director
B. Her real estate companies 

C. Her award given by WWF 
D. Her family business
E. Her companies 

Jawaban : A

7. “...but did not complete her studies after she was expelled for political activism in the Golput…” The underlined word means ....
A. entered
B. detained 

C. punished 
D. dismissed 
E. registered 
Jawaban : D

The following text is for questions 8 – 10

The word “Glue Gun” may sound dangerous for us, but it is not an actual gun to shot a bullet. Instead it can help us in making a handicraft. In the process the heat from the gun will melt the glue stick and turn it into liquid form that we can use to stick anything including the parts of our handicraft. Follow these following steps if you want to use the Glue Gun.

1. Check and clean the glue gun from any old glue clogging in the nozzle.
2. Put the glue stick into the gun nozzle.
3. Insert the plug into the electricity socket.
4. Prepare a sheet of paper and put the glue gun on it.
5. Wait until the gun get warmer.
6. Squeeze the trigger gently to check if the glue stick has changed into liquid form.
7. Finally, you can apply it on any surface that you want to stick by using this glue gun.

8. The text tell us about the procedure of ....
A. using a bullet
B. making handicraft
C. using of the Glue Gun 

D. melting the glue stick 
E. using a dangerous gun 
Jawaban : B

9. How will the glue gun stick on our handycraft?
A. The gun will apply it on any surface that you want to stick on.
B. The gun will stick anything including the parts of our handicraft.
C. The heating gun will changed the liquid into stick we want to make
D. The gun will squeeze the trigger gently to check if the glue stick has changed into liquid form.
E. The heating gun will melt the glue stick and turn it into liquid form to stick anything we want to make 

Jawaban : E

10. Squeeze the trigger gently to check if the glue stick has changed into liquid form.
The word squeeze has a similar meaning to .... 

A. put
B. set 

C. get 
D. take
E. press 

Jawaban : E

The following text is for questions 11 - 13


Natural Bridge National Park is a luscious tropical rainforest. It is located 110 kilometer from south of Brisbane and is reached by following the Pacific Highway to Nerang and then by traveling through the Numimbah Valley. This scenic roadway lies in the shadow of Lamington National Park.

The phenomenon of the rock formed into a natural ‘arch’ and the cave through which a waterfall, cascades is a short one kilometer walk below a dense rainforest canopy from the main picnic area. Swimming is permitted in the rock pools. Night time visitors to the cave will discover the unique feature of the glow worms. Picnic areas offers toilets, barbeque, shelter shades, water and fire places, however, overnight camping is not permitted.

11. The text is aimed to ....
A. criticize the Natural Bridge National Park
B. compliment the Natural Bridge National Park
C. amuse the readers about the interesting place to go
D. promote the Natural Bridge National Park to the readers
E. inform the readers about the Natural Bridge National Park 

Jawaban : B

12. From the text we know that ….
A. We may not stay overnight there
B. It is not allowed for the visitors to swim
C. It is not forbidden for the overnight camping 

D. It is not cool to walk below the dense forest 
E. It is warned not to have camping overnight 
Jawaban : E

13. Night time visitors to the cave will discover the unique feature of the glow worms.
The underlined word has a similar meaning to .... 

A. glaring
B. shading 

C. amazing
D. sparkling 
E. blinking 
Jawaban : D

The following text is for questions 14 - 16
(Reuters Health) – Half of all hearth patients made at least one medication related mistake after leaving the hospital, and guidance from pharmacist didn’t seem to reduce those errors, in a new study.

Concecuencies of mistake such as forgetting to take certain drugs or taking the wrong dose can range from side effects like constipation to more serious drops in blood pressure. Two percent of errors were life treathning.

Hospitals involved in the study were already taking steps to prevent medication mistakes in addition to extra pharmaciest intervention, said Dr. Sunil Kripalani, the studyes lead author from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

“We were surprised to see that in spite of these efforts that 50 percent (of patients) were still having these medication errors ,” he told Reuters Health.

Although the pharmacist visit didn’t help the average patient, he added, certain ones seemed to  benefit such as patients who were on multiple drugs or had troble understanding health information  As for traditionally lower risk patients, he said other strategies to prevent errors may be needed.

14. What is the text about?
A. The pharmacist’s medication mistakes
B. The uncontrolled medical treatment 

C. The hospital’s medical treatments 
D. The doctor’s medical treatment
E. The patient’s medication errors 

Jawaban : E

15. What is the effect of medication error
A. Health information 

B. Problem in healing 
C. Life-threatening
D. Bleeding on hearth
E. Life-long time 

Jawaban : C

16. ‘ ... and guidance from a pharmacist didn’t seem to reduce those errors ... “(Paragraph 1). The
underlined word means ....

A. Decrease
B. Increase
C. Degrade 

D. Upgrade 
E. improve 
Jawaban : A

The following text is for questions 17 - 20

During the building of the Great Wall of China, there lived a husband and wife named Wan and MengJiangnu. Wan was a scholar. One day, Wan was taken from their home and carried away to help with the building of the Great Wall. Meng, saddened by the loss of her husband, waited for news of him. Much time passed without hearing of his whereabouts.

One night in her sleep he came to her and told her he was freezing to death. She awoke and made the decision to travel to the area where she thought he was working and take him clothes she had made for him. During her journey she almost froze to death in a snow storm. A crow flew down next to her as she slept in the snow, and upon her awakening showed her how to flap her wings so she could join the crows and fly to her destination. Upon her arrival at the Great Wall she learned that her husband had died. She learned that he had been buried with many other workers in a section of the Great Wall. She searched the wall but couldn't locate his body. Anger arose from within her and poured out of her causing lightning to split the sky and rain to pour from the heavens washing away whole sections of the Great Wall. As the bones of the workers swirled about Meng pricked her finger and asked that her blood penetrate the bones of her husband, Wan. She located his bones and wrapped them in the clothes she had brought for him.

The cruel Emperor, Qin shiHuangdi, was furious with her but taken with her beauty. The Emperor gave her a choice of coming with him or being beheaded. Meng responded by asking for three wishes: to have her husband buried in the style of a prince, to have the kingdom mourn him for 49 days, and give him a public funeral. The Emperor granted her the three wishes. After Wan's funeral she thanked the Emperor ...and then threw herself into the sea for she could not stand the thoughts of being with the Emperor. The Emperor commanded that her body be drug from the sea, cut into pieces, and her bones ground into dust. As they threw her dust into the sea thousands of little silvery fish filled the waters. So today if you visit the Great Wall next to the Eastern Sea you and others in China will remember the story of Meng and Wan.

17. Why did the Emperor command his soldiers to grind Meng’s bones into dust and throw it to the sea?
A. Because he felt sorry to Meng
B. Because he was a cruel Emperor
C. Because he felt betrayed by Meng
D. Because he was annoyed with Meng
E. Because he had fulfilledMeng’s wishes. 

Jawaban : C

18. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
A. Without hesitation, Weng left her house to go to the king. 

B. From her dream, she understood that her husband had died.
C. In her sadness, Weng threw herself down from the top of the Great Wall.
D. After meeting her husband in her dream, Weng determined to seek for her husband.
E. Upon her awakening, Weng flapped her wings so she could join the crows and fly to her husband. 

Jawaban : D

19. What is the moral value of the story?
A. A person cannot change because of wealth and throne.
B. The fidelity of a wife cannot be shaken by wealth and throne.
C. Happiness and well-being always comes from wealth and throne
D. The power and the throne of a king always able to defeat anything.
E. To be able to enjoy the prosperity does not always require hard work. 

Jawaban : B

20. A crow flew down next to her ... she slept in the snow storm.
A. So

B. For 
C. After D. Since 
E. When 
Jawaban : E

The following text is for questions 21 - 23
Last holiday, my friends and I went camping on the mountain. We went to Guci, Tegal. The spot is near from our town. It is about 2 hours to get there. We choose Guci because it is not too far from settlement.

We prepared everything before going on camping. The boys prepared the tents, the girls prepared the food, and I checked the accommodations. We brought cooking utensils and the food from home, clothes, camera, guitar, etc. We went there by a car and a motorcycle for unwanted condition. We went there in the sunny morning and hoped no rain during camping.

On the first day, we sat up the tent on the spot near waterfall. The girls made the fence of the area but the boys took a bath on the river. Then, we cooked the food for the lunch, had lunch together, tried to fish in the river but we got a sandal.

On the second day, we had some activities. We went on hiking up the mountain, took some pictures in tea garden, and picked strawberry. The last night of our camping was so cold, we made a campfire, sang songs together and told spooky stories which made us fear.

We had camping for about three days. On the last day, we packed everything we brought. We cleaned the area and made sure there was nothing left except our footprint. We didn’t took anything except took photos, we remembered that we must keep the nature, friendly with them and they will be friendly with us. We made a memory by taking photos together in front of a waterfall and then went home happily. We felt very tired.

21. After reading the text, what activity that wasn’t done by the girls?
A. Making fence
B. Preparing the food
C. Swimming in the river
D. Singing songs together
E. Cleaning the area before they left 

Jawaban : C

22. From the text we know that they are ....
A. nature lovers
B. friendly campers 

C. tired backpackers 
D. careless travelers
E. landscape photographers 

Jawaban : A

23. They made a campfire ... the night was so cold
A. but
B. when
C. because 

D. therefor
E. although 
Jawaban : C

The following text is for questions 24 - 27

New airport to cater to more travelers in Yogyakarta

The government expects a new international airport in Yogyakarta, once completed, will improve the satisfaction of travelers flying to and from the region, a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists.

The new airport, which is being built in KulonProgo regency, is expected to accommodate 50 million passengers annually. It will replace Adisutjipto International Airport, which currently serves a number of travelers far beyond its designated capacity.

“The previous airport’s capacity can no longer contain the passenger traffic and the aircraft movement. There is also a limit to the area expansion [for the airport],” Budi said on Friday during a ceremony to break ground on the new airport, which was also attended by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo.

Budi mentioned that last year alone, passenger traffic at Adisutjipto reached 7.2 million people, while the airport’s terminals were only built to handle 2.1 million passengers. The apron could also only cater to nine aircraft.

In the first phase, state-owned airport operator AngkasaPura I will build a 3,250 meter x 60 meter runway in the location. In the second phase, the length of the runway will be extended by 350 meters.

The construction of the first phase is targeted to be finished by March 2022.“The new airport will also serve long-haul flights, with the furthest to Jeddah,” Budi said.

Land procurement for the airport, meanwhile, has reached 91 percent, the ministry reported. (hwa)

24. The news mainly talks about ….
A. The new location of an airport
B. Adisutjipto International Airport
C. The farthest route of the new airport
D. The upcoming new airport in Yogyakarta
E. The closing ofAdisutjipto International Airport 

Jawaban : D

25. What is the main reason of the replacement of the airport?
A. Its color
B. Its interest

C. Its country 
D. Its location 
E. Its capacity 
Jawaban : E

26. We can infer that by March 2022, ....
A. the new airport will have finished
B. the length of the runway will be extended
C. the new airport is still under construction
D. the apron will have onlycatered to nine aircraft.
E. land procurement will have been completely done 

Jawaban : C

27. Passenger traffic at Adisutjipto reached 7.2 million people... the airport’s terminals were only built to handle 2.1 million passengers.
A. whereas
B. because
C. because of 

D. in order to 
E. moreover 
Jawaban : A

The following text is for questions 28 - 31

Guava is a plant in the myrtle family (Myrtaceae) genus Psidium. It is native to Mexico and Central America, Northern South America, parts of the Caribbean and some parts of North Africa and also some parts of India. The guava tree is not big. It is about 33 feet with spreading branches. The bark is smooth with green or reddish brown color. The plant branches are close to the ground. Its young twigs are soft. It has hard dark elliptic leaves. It is about 2-6 inches long and 1 - 2 inches wide. The flowers are white, with five petals and numerous stamens.

Guava is cultivated in many tropical and subtropical countries for its edible fruit. Guava fruit, usually 2 to 4 inches long, is round or oval depending on the species. Varying between species, the skin can be any thickness, it is usually green when unripe, but becomes yellow or maroon when ripe. The flesh of Guava fruit is sweet or sour. The color of the flesh may be white, pink, yellow, or red, with the seeds in the central part of the flesh. The seeds are numerous but small. In some good varieties, they are edible. Actual seed counts have ranged from 112 to 535. Guava fruit is rich with vitamins A and C, omega-3 and omega-6, fatty acids and high levels of dietary fiber.

28. What is the text about?
A. The origin of guava
B. The cultivation of guava
C. The advantages of guava
D. The disadvantages of guava
E. A general description of guava 

Jawaban : E

29. Why is guava cultivated in many countries?
A. It is nutritious fruit 

B. It has various colors 
C. It has numerous seeds
D. It belongs to genus Psidium
E. It has hard dark elliptic leaves. 

Jawaban : A

30. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
A. Guava turns green when it is ripe
B. Guava grows only subtropical countries
C. The flesh of Guava fruit is neither sweet nor sour. 

D. Guava is full of vitamins, protein and dietary fiber. 
E. Guava is edible and full of advantageous substance 
Jawaban : E

31. Guava is cultivated in many tropical and subtropical countries for its edible fruit.
The underlined word has a similar meaning to ....
A. found
B. planted 

C. consumed 
D. treasured 
E. discovered 

Jawaban : B

The following text is for questions 32 – 35

The internet connects all parts of the world without borders between them. Many people take advantages of the internet network. One of them is by opening virtual stores, meaning people are providing shops in cyberspace. They show photographs of good with all their characteristics. They also reflect prices, discounts and quality of goods. In addition to all the convenience of shopping online, we have to be very careful and cautious in doing transactions through cyberspace. Many people have experienced bad impacts of shopping online. Here are some examples of negative impacts of shopping online.

First, people tend to become consumptive because quality goods are often sold cheaply and buyers don’t need to go anywhere. Such convenience raises the desire to continue shopping and it’s hard to resist.

Second, online shopping habits create crimes, such as deception. Many people take advantages of this consumer psyche to open fake online stores aiming to get as much money as possible. Many prospective buyers are deceived by such stores only because they offer bigger discounts than usual. Without thinking people will immediately transfer money and hope to get good stuff at very cheap price, but they never receive the goods they ordered.

Third, shopping online may create a feeling of disappointment because the items that buyers receive do not match what they ordered. Unfortunately, the goods cannot be returned which means they have lost their money and hope for getting good items.

Fourth, people tend to look at their cellphone very often to browse various virtual stores. They began to ignore people and events that happen around them. Gradually, they will lose their social empathy.

Knowing that there are many negative impacts of shopping online, we have to remain cautions of scams and not shop online too often. We need to browse in real shops, so we are not ignorant of people and events around us.

32. What is the topic of the text?
A. The negative effects of internet connection. 

B. The characteristics of goods in online shop. 
C. The negative effects of shopping online.
D. The disappointment of shopping online.

E. The advantages of shopping online. 
Jawaban : C

33. The main idea of fifth paragraph is shopping online …
A. may make people ignore their cellphones. 

B. will force people to browse online shops. 
C. can help people visit various virtual stores. 
D. can make people lose their social empathy.
E. will cause people lose their important events. 

Jawaban : D

34. Which is the reason why people like to do online shopping?
A. They become consumptive.
B. They get convenience of shopping.
C. They can decrease the desire to shop.
D. They always receive the goods they ordered.
E. They never feel disappoint with goods they received. 

Jawaban : B

35. After reading the text, we know that online shopping has many bad effects… we have to be very careful in doing it. 

A. as
B. so 

C. but 
D. and
E. though 

Jawaban : B


Read the following text and anwer the question.

When we had a holiday last year, my family and I went to a place at the seaside and borrowed a boat from one of our friends. We sailed and finished on the sea all day.

When the sea was rough, we sailed on a small lake near the sea instead. There were not many fish in the lake, but in the sea we caught a lot with a hook. Line and small pieces of bread.

When the weather was fine, we collected pieces of dried wood and fired or grilled our fish over them on the beach.

36. What kind of experience did the writer have in the text?

37. Complete this text in this caption with the correct prepositions (provided in the box)!

A bison goes …. The forest to get …. The highway and …. It, two cars almost crash it ….. Friday, last week.

  • Into 
  • On 
  • In front of 
  • Behind 
  • Out of 
38. Rearrange these jumbled sentences and paragraphs so that they can make a good text.
A.During his business trip in 1859, he witnessed the aftermath of the Battle of Solferino in modern day Italy. He recorded his memories and experiences in the book A memory of Solferino
B.In 1901 he received the first Nobel Peace Prize together with Frederic Passy
C. Jean Henri Dunant was born in Geneva Switzerland on May 8th, 1828. He was also knows as Henry Dunant. Dunant was a Swiss businessman and a social activist.

D. He alsso developed the ideo that in the future a neutral organization should exist to provide care to wounded soldiers. This idea inspired the foundation of the Internasional Committee of the Red Cross in 1863.

E. In this book, he described the battle,it costs, and the chaotic circumstances afterwards.

39. Make a dialogue incolving the expressions of suggestion and offer based on the given situation. Your dialogue must consist of 4 exchanges.

Situation : Rudy met his new classmate, Suzy in the classroom. She looked pale and Rudy suggests her go home but Suzy says that nobody is at her home and she doesn’t bring the key. Then, Rudy suggests her see a doctor but she doesn’t know where to go and Rudy offers to accompany her.

Rudy : ……………………………………………………………………

Suzy : ……………………………………………………………………

Rudy : ……………………………………………………………………

Suzy : ……………………………………………………………………

Rudy : ……………………………………………………………………

Suzy : ……………………………………………………………………

Rudy : ……………………………………………………………………

Suzy : ……………………………………………………………………

40. Observe the picture below. What do you think about this situation? Write down an opinion about it.

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