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Latihan Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9 Semester 1 2019 K13

Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Semester 1 kurikulum 2013 revisi adalah artikel yang bisa digunakan para guru maupun para siswa untuk  kebutuhannya masing - masing. Dengan jumlah keseluruhan soal sebanyak 50 butir, tapi maaf karena soal PAS ini tidak ada jawabannya.

Pembagian soal PAS bahasa inggris kelas 9 semster 1 ini dengan tujuan untuk menambah model soal latihan di kurikulum 2013 revisi. Yang mana kurtilas tersebut termasuk yang terbaru, di tahun 2018. Dan karena masih tergolong baru inilah masih sangat minim yang membagikannya di internet.

Apa itu PAS?

PAS (Penilaian Akhir Semester) adalah UAS yang berganti istilah setelah perevisian yang sudah disebutkan di atas. Akan tetepi untuk penerapan sistemnya masih sama dengan UAS.

Bagaimana materi PAS-nya?

Ada setidaknya 6 materi PAS Bahasa Inggris kelas 9 semester 1 yang akan masuk ke jajaran naskah soal asli mendatang yaitu tentang :
  • Congratuliation
  • Tel's live a healthy life
  • Be healthy, be happy
  • This is hpw you do it
  • Everybody is always in the middle of something
  • We have been to an orphan home, we went there last sunday
Silahkan mencocokknya dahulu, dan apabila memang sama bisa sobat gunakan untuk keperluan terkait. Seperi sebagai contoh soal dalam pembuatan naskah asli, maupun sebagai bahan pembelajaran untuk menghadapi PAS bahasa inggris kelas 9 mendatang.

Latihan Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9 Semester 1 2019 K13

Latihan Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9 Semester 1

Admin membagikan soal PAS ini dalam bentuk PDF dan online yang bisa sobat akses secara gratis. Berikut ini untuk link download file PDF :

Latihan Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9 Semester 1 2019 K13 PDF, DOWNLOAD

Baiklah, langsung saja berikut ini adalah Latihan Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9 Semester 1 2019 K13. Selamat mengerjakan... 

1 Dialog for no 1 to 2
Rahel : “Hey, Daniel! How was the economics competition? Did you and your team go home with the trophy?
Daniel : Thank God, we did. Fortunately we succeeded to get the first place. 
Rahel : Wow that’s a good job, Dan. Congratulation on your team success!
Daniel : Thank you very much for saying so, Rahel. So, how about you and your team in astronomy competition?
Rahel : Unfortunately, my team and I didn’t get the first place. We got the third place but I was really happy since we had won over many other teams and gone that far.
Daniel : That’s the spirit, Rahel! I am sure you and your friend did it very well. I congratulate you on your great success.
Rahel : Thank you very much, Daniel. We still have to learn more to be the first like your teams did.
Daniel : Cool! Let’s fight for the next competition!

What are they talking about?
They are talking about their match’s…
A. preparation
B. rehearsal
C. announcement
D. result

2 Why does rahel say’ Congratulation on your team success!’ Rahel says so because she…
A. fails the competition
B. joins the same competition
C. motivates Daniel to join the competition
D. Feels proud of Daniel succes

3 Dialog for no 3 to 4
Dina: What do you think we should give to Fia for her birthday?
Lisa: I think we should give her a jacket, because she often ride a motorcycle.
Dina: I disagree. She already has so many jackets. What about a bag? She wears the same bag everyday to go to school. So, I think it would be great if we give her a bag.
Lisa: Okay then. I agree. Let’s buy her a bag today after school.
Dina: Okay
What is the topic of the dialog? It’s about Fia’s birthday’s..
A. party
B. present 
C. surprise 
D. dinner

4 What might be their relationship? They might be
A. foes
B. pals
C. siblings
D. neighbors

5 Text for no 5 to 6
Dellia Aromatherapy, is the latest innovation from Dellia Air freshener that gives relaxation effect. Direction:

Shake well before spraying.

Avoid from eye contact. Keep away from children.

Danger! Pressured content may explode above a temperature of 50 degree Celsius. Keep in a cool and dry place.

Do not puncture and expose to oper flame or incinerate

Why does the writer write the text? The writer writes the text to…
A. describe about Delia Aromatherapy
B. show how to make Delia Aromateraphy
C. ask people to use Delia Aromatherapy for every use. 
D. inform people detail information about the product

6 How do readers use the product? They can use the product by…
A. chewing it 
B. rubbing it 
C. pressing it 
D. drinking it

7 Text for no 7-8

Why do you think readers need to consume this product?
It is because the product contains much…
A. energy 
B. mineral 
C. vitamin 
D. oxcygen

8 …Gluten Free. What does the phrase ‘gluten free mean? It means…
A. It does not contain gluten
B. People who use it get additional gluten
C. Any one is free to consume gluten
D. Gluten can be found in any pieces of the product

Text for no 9-11
Find out what you can do when severe weather strikes. Acting quickly to stay safe and minimize impacts.
Stay alert with the weather forecast. Continue to listen to local news or radio to stay update about severe thunderstorm.

At your house.
Go to safer location if you hear a severe thunderstorm warning.

At your work place or school.
Stay away from windows if you hear a severe thunderstorm warning. Do not go to open large rooms, such as: cafeterias, gymnasiums

Go inside a hard structure building immediately. Standing under a tree will be very deadly.

In a vehicle
Being in a vehicle during severe thunderstorms is safer than being outside.

Why does the writer write the text?
9 The writer writes the text to…
A. remindreaders about severe thunderstorm coming 
B. prepare readers to be alert to thunder storm attack 
C. retell the evacuating process in thunder storm strike
D. Explain the importance of listening to weather forecast every day

10 What should we avoid when severe thunderstorm come?
A. Weather forecast
B. Safer location
C. warning
D. windows

11 Standing under a tree will be very deadly. What is the synonym of ‘deadly’?
A. advantageous
B. marvelous
C. Veracious
D. hazardous

Text 12 to 14
Call-Jek is an app which gives a public transportation service by modes of a motorbike. This app lets you order an 'ojek' service, same-day delivery service, ordering food, and many more. Here are some steps you need to know to get the best out of this app:
1. First, open the App Store or Google Play Store on your smart phone.
2. Find the Call-Jek app and install it.
3. Once the application is installed, you need to make an account first. You can do this by pressing the Sign Up button.
4. Enter all the required data correctly. Call-Jek will send a verification code to the number you registered.
5. Enter the code into the Call-Jek app. When you have been verified, you can start using the app and select the service you wish to use.

12 What does the writer mostly talk about?
The writer mostly talks how to…
A. order Call-Jek
B. set up Call-Jek
C. register member of Call Jeck
D. choose a service via Call-Jeck

13 What should readers do after they have installed the application? They …
A. use the application directly
B. restart the application
C. choose the available service
D. register your required data

14 …You can do this. The word ‘this’ refers to…
A. Call-Jek
B. Account
C. Application
D. Smart phone

15 Text for 15 to 17
On the edge of the forest, a fox passed by a vineyard. Some large and ripe grapes hang on the garden fence which was rather high. Then, the fox talked to himself "I need something to relieve my thirst," said the fox. Then he jumped after taking a few steps backward. Unfortunately, he could not reach the hanging wine. Once again the fox retreated a few steps back, ran, and tried to catch them but he still failed. Knowing that he failed, he said "the wine must taste bitter, I'd better look for other foods" With a sour face, the fox left the vineyard.

What is the purpose of writing the text?
A. To amuse readers about the innocent fox
B. To tell about the experience of the fox taking the grapes
C. To explain how the fox tried hard to get his food
D. To describe the personality of the character in the story

16 Why did the fox give up taking the grapes?
He did so because he thought that the grapes were too
A. awful to eat 
B. high to reach 
C. young to take 
D. many to pick

17 … With a sour face. What does ‘ a sour face mean’? It means that he feels…
A. afraid
B. guilty 
C. excited
D. diissapointed

18 Text for 18 to 20
A Rat that always lived on a land made a friend with a frog who mostly lived in the water. The frog planned to deceive his friend.

Every day, the frog intentionally let the rat to find food as he wanted. Days passed, he asked the rat to visit his place in a pond. At the egde of the pond, the Frog jumped into the pond while dragging the rat with him. The frog enjoyed the water greatly and swam around as if he had done good thing. While, the rat was immediately sank in the water and his body floated on the surface, tied to the frog’s leg. A hawk watched the floating object. He knew that it was his diet. He wanted to get it with his powerful claw. To his surprise, he got both the frog and the rat. He ate them up.
He knew that it was his diet. (paragraph 2, sentence 7) The word ‘it’ refers to…
A. hawk
B. rat 
C. frog 
D. pond

19 Why did the Hawk eat up the frog too?
It was because…
A. He felt angry to the frog
B. The frog was attached to the rat
C. He had targeted the frog
D. He planned to eat both frog and rat

20 What is the moral value of the story?
A. When in Romes, do as the Romans
B. Hopes for the best but prepares for the worst
C. Better late than never
D. As you plant you shall reap

Text for no 21 23
Long time ago, there was a king who was very lazy. He didn't want to do any activity. He only ordered his servants to do whatever he wanted. One time, he felt so nauseous continuously. He called the royal doctor and asked for the medicine. The king told the doctor that he would put the doctor in jail if he could not heal him.
The doctor knew the cause of his illness. He was ill because of his idleness.

Then, the doctor gave him a large dumbbell and instructed him to swing this magic ball in his hand every morning and evening for an hour. He should do it until his hands began to sweat. He promised to the king that his illness would be healed. The king did what the doctor said. He did not know that the doctor gave him exercises.

Within a few weeks, his body became fit and he felt alert and energetic. He thanked the doctor and asked for the secret of the medicine. Your Majesty, the magic of this drug will keep you in shape until you continue to swing the dumbbell. The day you stop swing it, you will fall ill again, said the doctor.

The doctor has taught the king to stay healthy without offending him

21 What made the king ill?
A. Someone witched him
B. He worked too hard for his people
C. He had less time to move his body
D. Royal doctor could not give any medicine for him

22 .. The day you stop swing it, you will fall ill again. The word ‘it’ refers to…
A. dumbbell
B. Your majesty 
C. Royal Doctor 
D. The body
23 The doctor has taught the king to stay healthy without ‘offending’ him.
The word ‘offending’ has similar meaning with…
A. disappoint
B. deceive
C. insult
D. force

Text for no 24 to 26

Dragon fruit or sometimes people call it, Pitaya fruit, is a fruit from Central America, South America and Asia. This is a favorite fruit for many people, especially Asians. It has a mild sweetness, strong shape and color and has a texture between kiwi fruits and apple.

Dragon fruit has a number of health benefits including its ability to lower cholesterol, boost the immune system, prevent cancer and heart disease, help weight loss, improve digestion, increase energy, survive against bacteria and fungi, and help in the overall functioning of the body system. Besides that, the taste is relatively tasty and refreshing, contains a lot of essential water and other minerals with various nutrients

Dragon fruit is often regarded as a tropical "super food" because of its wealth of benefits and its quality in addition to its exotic shape. It is quite popular in Southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines, where it still becomes an important part of dietary fruit intake

24 What does the writer talk in the last paragraph?
A. The origin
B. The numbers
C. The benefits
D. The popularity

25 Which part of the fruits do people usually make useful of?
A. the skin 
B. The flesh 
C. The seed 
D. The flower

26 …boost the immune system
(paragraph 2, sentence 1) The word ‘boost’ has the same meaning with…
A. build
B. develop 
C. increase 
D. ascend

27 Text for no 27 to 29
The rattlesnake is generally known as a dangerous and deadly snake with fierce hatred for humanity. Although its poison can kill human, its nature has perhaps been likely exaggerated in myth and folklore.

The rattlesnake is actually not aggressive. It is generally strikes only when it is in dangerous situation. When it is in danger, the rattlesnake raises the front part of its body off the ground and shows an S-shaped form in preparation for moving forward. Then, the rattlesnake pushes its fangs into the victim, thereby injecting its poison

There are more than 30 species of rattlesnakes varying in length from 60 cm to 180 cm . In the US there are only few deaths annually from rattlesnakes with a mortality rate of less than 2 percent of those attacked.
Where does the snake’s poison’s lie? It lies in its…
A. tongue
B. fang 
C. tail 
D. body

28 Why does a snake attack its enemy? It does so because it
A. is a deadly snake
B. is considered as myth
C. feels insecure with its surrounding
D. has limited number of population in the recent years

29 …with a mortality rate of less than 2 percent of those attacked. The word ‘mortality’ means…
A. birth 
B. vein 
C. death
D. sorrow

30 Text for no 30 to 31


A whole month of July
Come and visit us during this promotion to
celebrate our grand opening and you'll get a lot benefits, such as:
80% registering discount
50% discount for one year course
Free trials Delicious treats And many more

Visit us at www.londoneinst.com for more information of the registration and courses, or contact us at8846465.

Bring this flyer and get a free coffe and snack at the reception counter

Why does the writer write the text?
A. To inform about London English Institute
B. To promote people to join the program
C. To explain how to register in the program
D. To tell experience in joining the program

31 What treat will readers directly get when they can bring this information
A. Tuition discount
B. Registration discount
C. Free Trials
D. Coffee and snack

32 Computer System Only $6000!
New from Joni's Electronic Shop
10 Megabyte Hard Disk
8-Bit Microprocessor
Disk Controller
Sand Disk 64K RAM
Memory-Mapped Video Display Board
24" Monitor
"Thinking Ahead for the Future" Call and Buy on: 086509854

Why does the writer write the text? The writer wants the reader to…
A. understand the parts of the computer 
B. know the specification of the computer 
C. shop the computer with him
D. come to visit his store

33 If someone is interested in buying the product, what will she probably do after reading the text?
He/she will probably... 
A. come to store
B. book to the store
C. find other store
D. cancel buying the product

34 Text for no 34 to 35

What does the warning mean? It means…
A. No lifeguard is vacant
B. The place does not provide lifeguard
C. The lifeguard is busy swimming
D. Swimming without life guard is dangerous

35 Who will probably need this warning
A. Swimwing trainer
B. Rookie swimmer
C. Beginner in swimming
D. Professional swimmer

36 Text for no 36 to 37

Where might you find the text? 
A. mall
B. park
C. beach
D. mountain

37 What can you conclude about the warning?
A. The place can influence someone’s health
B. The area is dangerous for every one 
C. The place is contagious for every one 
D. The area friendly for old people.

38 Text for no 38 to 39

What is the purpose of writing the text? 
A. To motivate to become a champion 
B. To inform about a championship
C. To announce the winners of a championship
D. To congratulate the first winner of the championship

39 Way to go Champ. The word ‘champ’ has similar meaning with …
A. winner
B. participants 
C. performers 
D. competitor

40 Why does the writer write the text?

A. To inform readers that there will be the opening of doll’s store name little one
B. To tell readers that a doll is like a brand new little one for every one
C. To describe how the new born baby is so cheerful and lovely
D. To show happiness for the coming new born baby

41 A cheerful welcome. The word’ welcome’ has the same meaning with…
A. greeting 
B. salutation 
C. prayer
D. wishing

Rina went to a cooking festival in the morning to join the cooking competition. She wanted to cook fried rice. She arrived at eight and directly prepared for the competition. At first she thought she had brought everything, but suddenly, she realised that she had left the rice in the kitchen at her house. She couldn't cook fried rice and lost the competition. She felt very zero.

What was the main problem that the writer has? 
A. She came late to the competition
B. She left the rice
C. Failed to cook the fried rice
D. She lost the competition

43 … She felt very zero. What does the word ‘zero’ mean? It means she felt very…
A. angry 
B. mad
C. sorry
D. useless

44 What might be the title of the text?
A. My Hilarious day 
B. My random day 
C. My Terrific day 
D. My Mild day

45 Text for no 45 to 47
Let’s make cheesy frittata. You need to prepare:
2 spring onions, ends trimmed off
4 tbs frozen peas, defrosted
1 courgette, halved with the ends cut off
2 slices of ham
100 g feta cheese
4 eggs

Now, let’s start .
1 (1)….the oven to 180oC. Slice the spring onions and put them in a bowl, then add the peas to the bowl.
2.Grate the courgette using a rotary grater, one half at the time, then place in the bowl.
3.Cut the beef into pieces over the bowl, so the pieces will fall straight into it.
4.Break the feta cheese into the bowl by (2)…. it with your hands
5.Crack the eggs in another bowl and whisk them (3)…. the yolks mix into the whites.
6.Pour the eggs into the mixture and stir. Brush a round ovenproof dish, with a diameter of 16 cm, with oil. Pour the mixture into the dish, then put the dish in the oven for 30 minutes or until the egg mixture is set. Serve with salad and crusty bread.
A. heat
B. simmer 
C. smear 
D. stir

A. crumbling 
B. whisking 
C. chopping 
D. grating

47 A. before
B. until
C. during
D. when

Teks for no 48 to 50
for many years, many people believed that thecleverest animals after man were the chimpanzees.Now,however,there is a proof that dolphins maybe even ..(48) than these big apes.

Although a dolpin lives in the sea. it is not a fish.itis a mammal.it is many ways,therefore like a human being.Dolpins have a simple language.They are able to ...(49) to one another. It may bepossible for man to learn how to communicatewith dolpin.

But this will not be easy because dolpins cannot hear the kind of ...(50) man can make. If man wantsto communicate with dolpin,therefore,he will haveto make a third language which both he and thedolpins can understand

48 A. clever
B. cleverer
C. the cleverest
D. as clever as

49 A. view
B. note
C. talk
D. share

50 A. notes
B. sounds
C. notices
D. shouts

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