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√ Latihan Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7 Tahun 2021 K13

Pada kesempatan kali ini admin akan membagikan Latihan Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7 Kurikulum 2013 untuk digunakan pada ujian tahun ajaran 2020/2021. Tapi maaf, karena kunci jawabannya tidak ada. Tapi tenang saja karena materinya sudah disamakan dengan kisi - kisi dengan acuan K13 revisi terkait. 

Dan juga selain memberikan 50 butir soal pilihan ganda dalam bentuk online, di sini juga ada dokumen PAT Bahasa Inggris ini yang bisa di download, akses, dan dipelajari secara gratis dalam bentuk file PDF.

√ Latihan Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7 Tahun 2021 K13

Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7

Sebagaimana yang diketahui bahwa PAT atau yang biasa disebut UKK adalah sistem ujian akhir untuk kelas awal (7) dan pertengahan (8) di pembelajaran semester 2. Ujian PAT diadakan guna mengukur capaian kompetensi siswa, serta dijadikan patokan dalam penentuan kelulusan anak didiknya.

Para guru bisa menggunakan soal ini untuk digunakan sebagai evaluasi di masing - masing butir soal untuk pembuatan soal asli yang akan diujikan kepada anak didiknya kelak. Sedangkan siswa sebagai bahan persiapan ujian untuk mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris ini.

√ Latihan Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7 Tahun 2021 K13 PDF, DOWNLOAD 

Baiklah, langsung saja berikut ini adalah √ Latihan Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7 Tahun 2021 K13. Selamat mengerjakan...

1 Text for no 1 to 3
Dina: Hi, Lisa.
Lisa: Hi, Dina. How are you?
Dina: Great, thank you what about you?
Lisa: I am fine thanks. Anyway, what are you doing here? 
Dina: I am waiting for my friend. We promised to meet here
Lisa: What does he look like?
Dina: He told me that today he will wear loose trousers and a jacket. He has curly hair. His skin is bright.
Lisa: Oh, I think I know him. He is sitting at the school lobby.
Dina: Oh thank you very much. You are a kind person. Lisa: My pleasure.

The topic of the text is about... 
A. Dina
B. Lisa
C. Dina’s friend
D. Lisa’s friend

2 Based on the dialog above, which picture goes to the description given?

3 Which sentence describes someone’s characteristics?
A. He will wear loose trousers
B. He is sitting at the school lobby. 
C. You are a kind person
D. My pleasure.

4 Text for no 4 to 6
Wina: Hi, Sisy. Listen, we got a new friend. Her name is Nanda. Sisy: How does she look like?
Wina: She wears pants. She has short and curly hair. She wears sneakers and stripes T-Shirt.
Sisy: It seems that she is nice.
Wina: Yes, she is smily and friendly. She smiles a lot. Also, she greets anyone she meets. Sisy: Really? Did you meet her already?
Wina: Yes, I met her in the classroom.
Sisy: I can’t wait to meet her, then.
Wina: She is in the classrom.

From the dialog, we can say that Wina and Sisy are... 
A. classmates
B. neighbors 
C. strangers 
D. colleagues

5 Which pictures describes the new student?

6 Nanda is smily because she...
A. seems nice
B. smiles a lot
C. greets anyone she meets. 
D. Wears sneakers

7 Teks for no 7 to 9
Pak Wahyu: Aldo, tell me about your father.
Aldo: Well, my father is a friendly person. He always goes to the neighborhood meetings. He is never absent from Cleaning Day. He is a good volleyball player. He Plays volley ball
with our neighbors in the community center.
Pak Wahyu: Wow, that’s awesome.
Aldo: Thank you, Sir.

The topic of the conversation is... 
A. Aldo’s father
B. Neighborhood activity
C. Volley ball activity
D. Aldo’s spare time

8 Aldo says his father is friendly because he...
A. takes care of the house
B. makes a good neighborhod 
C. is a good volleyball player 
D. loves doing sport
9 Which sentence shows describing someone characteristic?
A. Aldo, tell me about your father.
B. Well, my father is a friendly person
C. He Plays volley ball with our neighbors
D. Thank you, Sir.

10 Text for no 10 to 12
Boris: Hi, Darwin.
Darwin: Hi, Boris. Do you know Amir? 
Boris: Is he the new student at our school?
Darwin: Yes, you are right. I met him this morning. He is so kind. He helped me clean up the
English Laboratory. Boris: Wow, such a nice guy.
Darwin: You have to meet him soon.
Boris: I will

The dialog happens in a... 
A. school
B. office
C. home
D. neighborhood

11 In conclusion, the new student is...
A. happy 
B. helpful 
C. honest 
D. humble

12 How many adjectives are mentioned in the conversation?
A. two 
B. three 
C. four 
D. five

13 Text for no 13 to 15
Wina: Lina, I am very sure you love your mother very much.
Lina: Of course, I do. She never gets angry. If I make a mistake, she always speaks nice words to me. She tells me how I should do. She never judges me that I am wrong.
Wina: Oh so sweet. You are very lucky, then. Lina: Thank you.

Based on the conversation, Wina and Lina are... 
A. siblings
B. friends
C. parents
D. colleagues

14 Lina feels so happy because her mother is 
A. patient
B. high-tempered 
C. hard-working 
D. ignorant

15 ...She never judges me that I am wrong. The antonym of ‘wrong’ is...
A. guilty
B. sad
C. happy
D. right

Dina: Hi, Martha. Is this is your cat?
Martha: Yes, it’s my favorite pet.
Dina: It looks cute.
Martha: Of course, It likes to cuddle its wet nose in my hands. 
Dina: It is so sweet. What does it eat?
Martha: It likes to eat bones very much. Another thing I love from pitsy is that it wags its tail anytime it feels frightened. Dina: Oh really?
Martha: Yes, it is.
Dina and Martha are talking about the cat’s...
A. habit 
B. look 
C. name 
D. body

17 The cat wags its tail because it...
A. loves the writer 
B. wants some food 
C. needs to sleep
D. feels frightened

18 ... It is so sweet. What is the antonym of the word ‘sweet’?
A. lazy
B. dangerous 
C. expensive 
D. gigantic

19 Text for no 19 to 18
Eka: Bim, do you have any pet at home? 
Bima: Yes, I have a dog. Its name is Doggy. 
Eka: How do you like Doggy?
Bima: He is very special in my family. Whenever my family and I travel in our car, he has special space in the back. Even, he has special tv program and music selection.
Eka: Really? It’s special
Bima: Even, it can play with other dogs. When he meets other dogs, he shows his skill in rolling and playing with ball.
Eka: Wow. Awesome. I can’t wait to meet Doggy.
Bima: Sure, come to my house some time.
Eka: I will. Hey, the bell is ringing. Let’s get back to the classroom.

We can say that Eka and Bima are... 
A. siblings
B. classmates 
C. neighbors 
D. strangers

20 Doggy is special because of its...
A. actions 
B. meals 
C. looks
D. body parts

21 ... It’s special. What is the antonym of the word ‘special’
A. usual 
B. super 
C. cold
D. cheap

Dewi: Hi, Siti.
Siti: Hi, Dewi. Wow. You have a new pair of shoes. 
Dewi: Yes, thanks God. I bought them with my saving.
Siti: They look awesome.
Dewi: Thank you. They look awesome, comfort and cheap.

Dewi and Siti are talking about... 
A. Siti’s money
B. Siti’s favorite thing
C. Dewi’s saving
D. Dewi’s new shoes

23 Siti and Dewi love the product because the product is...
A. fit
B. cheap
C. comfort
D. awesome

24 They look awesome. They antonym of the word ‘awesome’ is...
A. bad
B. tiny
C. stupid
D. modern

25 Text for no 25 to 27
Aldo: Ben, the music is good to listen to but it is too loud. I cannot concentrate to my assignment.
Beny: Sure, I’ll turn down the volume.
Aldo: Thank you, buddy. Beny: You are welcome.

Aldo and Doni are talking about... 
A. their favorite music
B. the genre of the music 
C. the volume of the music 
D. the music assgnment

26 Beny turns down the volume of the music because it...
A. is an old song
B. has bad lyric
C. is too loud to listen to
D. too slow to enjoy

27 I’ll turn down the volume. The antonym of the word ‘down’ is...
A. up
B. high
C. rising
D. ascending

28 Text for no 28 to 30
Nina : "Who has this eagle?" 
Niko : "My brother does". 
Nina : "Where does he buy?"
Niko : "He buys in the bird market."
Nina : "He likes an eagle because it has strong claws and a strong beak, and it also can catch its prey quickly".
Niko : "What do you think about it?"
Nina : "I think it is one of the best predators that I know".

The topic of the conversation is... 
A. Niko’s favorite object
B. Niko’s brother’s pet
C. The best Bird market in town
D. The best predator in the world.

29 These are characteristics of an eagle, except ………
A. It has strong claws
B. It has a strong beak
C. It can't catch its prey quickly
D. It can catch its prey quickly

30 ".... It has strong claws......." The opposite meaning of the underlined word is......
A. hard 
B. thin 
C. weak 
D. thick

31 Text for no 31 to 33
Amir : Idris, I have a new pet. My father bought me yesterday. 
Idris : Really? What is it?
Amir : Can you guess? Its fur is very thick. Its eyes are so blue.It has long and up right ears. It likes to vegetables.
Idris : I know it. It must be a rabbit. Amir : You bet.

Idris and Amir are talking about a/an new...at Amir’s house.
A. toy
B. Doll
C. animal
D. stanger

32 Which body parts are mentioned in the conversation?
A. Fur, feet and claws
B. Ears, mouth and beard 
C. Claws, paws and ears
D. Fur, eyes and ears

33 Its fur is very thick. What is the antonym of the word ‘thick’?
A. Thin
B. wide
C. narrow
D. short

34 Text for no 34 to 36
Agus : Do you have a pet? Dandy : Yes, I do. I have a pet 
Agus : What pet is it?
Dandy : It is a cat. It likes to climb the tree at the back of my house. It is a cute cat.
Dandy talks about his pet because he wants to...
A. ask Agus to buy a pet
B. describe about the pet
C. tell how to take care a pet
D. share the fun to have a pet

35 Which sentence tells about the cat’s habit?
A. I have a pet
B. It is a cat
C. It likes to climb a tree
D. It is a cute pet

36 It is a cute cat. What is the antonym of the word ‘cute’?
A. Bad-looking
B. High-tempered
C. Cold-blooded
D. Well-shaped

37 Text for no 37 to 39
Dimas : What does your father do? Moza : He is a carpenter.
Dimas : Where does he work?
Moza : Golden furniture
The conversation is about...
A. Dimas
B. Moza
C. Dimas’s father
D. Moza’s father

38 Golden furniture is a place where the carpenter...
A. eat
B. sleep 
C. work 
D. live

39 He is a carpenter.A carpenter is a person who can...wood into furnitures like, chairs, tables, wardrobes.
A. make 
B. change 
C. use
D. buy

40 Text for no 40 to 42
Rian : There is a new student in my class? His name is Nyoman. 
Pandu : Really? Where does he come from?
Rian : He comes from Bali. He is tall and has fair skin. 
Siska : How do you know?
Rian : I met him this morning.

The conversation is about... 
A. Rian
B. Nyoman
C. Pandu
D. Siska

41 ‘Where does he come from?’ This question asks about...
A. Name
B. Origin
C. Address
D. School

42 He is tall and has fair skin. The word ‘fair’ has the same meaning with...
A. Far
B. Equal 
C. Light 
D. Bright

43 Text for no 43 to 45
Lili : Mrs. Tika is still strong although she is 70 years old.
Amanda: Yeah, you are right. She is very healthy.She always does exercises such as: jogging, doing aerobic, swimming and other sport activities.
Lili: Wow, no wonder she still is strong and stays young. She inspires many people

The conversation is about Mrs. Tika’s...
A. job
B. habit
C. age
D. address

44 How is Mrs. Tika?
A. She is 70 years old
B. She is very healthy
C. She always does exrcise
D. She inspires many people

45 Wow, no wonder she still is strong and stays young. The antonym of ‘young’ is...
A. old 
B. new 
C. green
D. up to date

46 Text for no 46 to 50
A Giraffe is a Mammal

It’s about six meters tall. It eats leaves. It has big brown eyes. They are protected by very thick lashes. The skin has many spots. The spots are brown. This coloring helps the giraffe from its enemy. It also has two short horns on its head. The giraffe has two methods of self protection. If something frightens an adult giraffe, it can gallop away at about fifty kilometer per hour or stay to fight with its strong legs.

The writer writes the text to... 
A. introduce about giraffe
B. describe about giraffe
C. tell how to take care of giffaffe
D. share experience in taking care giraffes

47 Part of Girrafe’s body that is used to save from enemy is
A. Big brown eyes 
B. The spotted skin 
C. Two short horns
D. Tall body

48 The girrafe’ horns are... 
A. long
B. curved
C. wide
D. short

49 ... They are protected by very thick lashes. The word ‘They’ refers to...
A. horns 
B. Eyes 
C. lashes 
D. spots
50 ...If something frightens an adult giraffe,.. the antonym of the word ‘adult’ is...
A. New
B. young 
C. pioner 
D. strange

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