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Latihan Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 Semester 1 K13 2021 dan Kunci Jawaban

Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 Semester 1 - UAS (Ulangan Akhir Semester) pada kurikulum 2013 berubah menjadi PAS yang artinya Penilaian Akhir Semester. Yang mana ujian ini wajib diikuti oleh semua siswa di semua sekolah, terkhusus jenjang SMA.

Maka dari itu demi menunjang kebutuhan soal UAS, di artikel kali ini admin akan membagikan Latihan Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 Semester 1 K13 2021 dan Kunci Jawaban yang bisa di pelajari secara online dan offline (file PDF)

Materinya min?

Materi UAS Bahasa Inggris kelas 11 semester 1 yang bakal diujikan tentang kosa kata bahasa inggris, pengejaan, dan lainnya yang sudah sobat pelajari di 6 bulan terakhir ini.

Walau pun sebenarnya sobat bisa belajar langsung dari buku paket terkait. Akan tetapi, bukan opsi yang buruk juga jika harus belajar melalui media teknologi seperti internet. Yang penting bisa menambah wawasan sobat akan soal yang dikerjakan mendatang, sih.

Latihan Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 Semester 1 K13 2021 dan Kunci Jawaban

Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 Semester 1

Mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris dimasukkan ke dalam jajaran mapel wajib yang bakal sobat ikuti di ujian mendatang. Jumlah latihan soalnya terdiri dari 50 soal pilihan ganda dan kunci jawaban di masing - masing soal terkait.

Admin harap soal ini bisa bermanfaat bagi sobat yang ingin menghadapi UAS/PAS Bahasa inggris  mendatang. 

Yapps, meskipun tidak menentukan kelulusan, namun nilai UAS bakal dijadikan bahan pertimbangan saat sobat mendaftar SNMPTN, saat penerimaan mahasiswa. Tentunya buat yang ingin melanjutkan kuliah.

Latihan Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 Semester 1 K13 2021 dan Kunci Jawaban PDF, DOWNLOAD

Yapps, itu saja sekilas infonya. Berikut ini adalah Latihan Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 Semester 1 K13 2021 dan Kunci Jawaban. Selamat mengerjakan...

Once upon a time, a man named Batara Guru created a beautifu girl. Her name was Retno Dumilah.

Batara Guru was attracted to her. Batara Guru wanted to marry her. she informed him that he must meet three conditions. food with everlasting taste, a shirt that can’t be ruined, and a gamelan a traditional javanese instrument that can play by itself.
She would be married to him if he fulfilled all of these conditions. if not, she’d rather die. So, Batara Guru sent a messenger to earth to find all of these conditions. On the way to earth, the messenger fell in love with Dewi Sri, Batara Wisnu’s wife. the messenger always followed her. she became mad, so the messenger was cursed by Dewi Sri.

Batara Guru continued to wait for the messnger. After a long time, he forgot about the conditions needed to marry Retno Dumilah. After some time, he decided to try to hug her and see if she would consider marry him. Suddenly, she died. Just like she promised, she rather die than marrying Batara Guru without all of these conditions. He tried to bring her back to life. But, it was no use. And so, he buried her. After her funeral, some strange plant grew from her to feed the local citizens. From her head grew coconut tree, from her body grew rice paddy plants, from her hands grew hangging fruits. and from her feet grew taproor plants.

After that day, the rice paddy plants were spread all over the world. the rice paddy planst from the body of Retno Dumilah became the master paddy.

Another day, Dewi Sri was being chased by a wild pig. she asked Dewata, Hindu’s God, if she could be banished instead of being chaused by a wild pig. PLOP ! she was suddenly banished from the world. she also became rice paddy plants. These rice paddy planst were planted in a paddy field. A farmer named Pak Tani was happy to planst Dewi Sri’s paddy. He was taught how to farm the rice paddy.

The wild pig who chased Dewi Sri died. Many kinds of insects. Dewi Sri sent paddy field snakes to eat the rats.

Because of this, farmers don’t kill paddy field snakes any more, since they kill the insects that eat the rice.

What is the main idea of the second paragraph...
a. Batara Guru wanted to pursue Retno Dumilah
b. Gamelan is the traditional javanese instrument
c. Three conditions that must be fulfilled by batara Guru
d. Retno Dumilah doesn’t love Batara Guru
e. Retno Dumilah was attractive girl

Answer : C

2. Paragraph one is the ................of the story.
a. Complication
b. Resolution
c. Orientation
d. Reorientation
e. Conclusion

Answer : C

3. In which paragraph does Batara Guru have hard time....
a. Paragraph 2
b. Paragraph 3
c. Paragraph 4
d. Paragraph 5
e. Paragraph 6

Answer : B

4. The purpose of the text is....
a. To entertain the readers with the fable
b. To amuse the readers with the legend of the rice paddy
c. To inform the readers about the legend of Retno Dumilah
d. To entertain the readers with the legend of the rice paddy
e. To explain the legend of the rice paddy to the readers

Answer : B

5. “ She was suddenly banished from the world. The underlined word means....
a. Punished
b. Sent away
c. Went out
d. Jailed
e. Escaped

Answer : B

6. The suitable title of the text is....
a. The love story of Batara Guru and Retno Dumilah
b. The legend of the rice paddy
c. How Batara Guru created a beatiful girl
d. The legend of the wild pig
e. The paddy makes legend

Answer : B

7. What’s the type of this nerrative text....
a. Myth
b. Legend
c. Vary Tale
d. Fable
e. Folk Tale

Answer : B

8. Read the following text

Traffiicking in human beings is a multi - billion - dollar from of international organized crime, constituting modern day slavery. Victims are recruited and trafficked between countries and regions using deception or coercion. They are stripped of their autonomy, freedom of movement and choice, and face various forms of physical and mental abuse.

There are three main types of human trafficking : Trafficking for forced labour : Trafficking for sexual exploitation ; Trafficking of organs. Closely connected is the issue of people smuggling in which smugglers procure, for financial or material gain.

The illgal entry of an individual into a country of which he is neither a citizen nor a permanent resident. Generally speaking, ance payment is completed, the relationship between the illgal immigrant and the smuggler is terminated.

Trafficking in human beings is a crime under international law and many national and regional legal systems. Given the complexities of the issue, a multitude of strategies are necessary at a range of levels in order to reduce the problem.

The text mainly tells us about...
a. Human trafficking
b. Modern day slavery
c. Trafficking of argans
d. Trafficking for forced labor
e. There is not right answer

Answer : B

9. Why is trafficking human beings also called modern day slavery? it is because...
a. The victims are stripped of their autonomy, freedom of movement and face various froms of phisical and mental abuse
b. The victims are recruited and trafficked between countries and regions using deception or coercion
c. Trafficking in human beings is a crime under international law and many national and regional legal systems.
d. Once payment is completed, the relationship between the illgal immingrant and the smuggler is terminated.
e. All are correct

Answer : A

10. Based on the text, there are ........... main types of human trafficking
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
e. 1 and 3 is right

Answer : C

11. ..............The illgal entry of an individual into a country of which he is neither...( paragraph 2). The underllined Word means
a. Against the law
b. In opposition to individual’s right
c. In accordance with the law
d. In harmony with the law
e. There is no right answer

Answer : A

12. According to the text, the relationship between the illgal immingrant and the smuggler...
a. Continues even after the payment is completed
b. Stops as soon as the payment is completed
c. Is maintained although the payment is completed
d. Is prolonged for further smuggling
e. A and B is right

Answer : B

13. The text is for numbers 13 to 17
Over population may cause many problems. They can be economical or social anes. We all know that people need food to live. A great number of people need a lot of food to eat. To get enough food for a lot of people, we need larger areas to cultivate.

people need houses to live in. An increase of population means an increase of houses that people need. More houses need more land to build them on. and the land we have is limited.

people have to work in order to get money to buy food, clothes, and house. A great number of people need a great number of jobs. and if we can’t create jobs there will be many people who are jobless. What will happen then.

What is the text about....
a. Over population
b. Population
c. Cultivstion
d. Settlement
e. Job

Answer : A

14. What is the main idea of paragraph one....
a. People need a lot of food to eat
b. People need larger areas to live
c. It is not easy to get enough food
d. People don’t need larger area to live
e. Overpopulation may cause many problems

Answer : E

15. The text above shows us that if we fail to create jobs, There will be many ....... in our society
a. Enjoyment
b. Happiness
c. Problems
d. Excitement
e. Satisfaction

Answer : C

16. And the land we have limited (paragraph 2). What does the underlined world means....
a. Dried
b. Cracked
c. Restricted
d. Punctual
e. Parched

Answer : C

17. The following statement is NOT TRUE according to the text....
a. Overpopulation creates a lot of problems
b. The promblems of overpopulation are in social and economical side
c. In economical, overpopulation makes jobless
d. In politic, overpopulation makes many strikes
e. In social, overpopulation creates homeless

Answer : D

18. Maya : What do you think about my new hat ?
Tio : I’ think it’s wonderfull
From the dialog we know that Tio is ....
a. Expressing opinion
b. Asking the price of the hat
c. Giving her opinion
d. Agreeing to Maya’s opinion
e. Asking for opinion

Answer : A

19. Ruth : I’m thingking of painting my house. What kind of paint will you recommend?
Anthony : ..... It’s easy to use and to clean up.
a. I don’t think so
b. I have no idea for painting
c. I’ll help you
d. It’s a good idea
e. I’d suggest a good water base latex

Answer : E

20. Sony : What do think of the film yesterday?
Dan : It was amusing. the story made me excited
from the dialog we conclude that.....
a. Sony is giving his opinion
b. Dan didn’t enjoy the film
c. Sony is asking Dan’s opinion
d. They didn’t go to see the film
e. Dan disagress with Sony’s opinion

Answer : C

21. Raisha : I’m a little confused about what to choose for the movie we’re going to watch.
Rina : ........................
Raisha : that sounds good
a. What about watching the avengers?
b. Let’s go to the cinema
c. What about XXI?
d. What about watching TV?
e. What are you thinking of?

Answer : A

22. Man : We went to Bandung yesterday. We spent our time shopping
Woman : So what do you think about Bandung?
Narrator : What would the man prabably answer?
a. As long as you like it
b. Bandung is the capital of west java
c. it’s a good place for shopping
d. Bandung is not far from here
e. Bandung is a wetcity

Answer : C

23. Man : Where are we going to stay?
Woman : At the Sun Hotel near the beach
Man : Why there?
Narrator : What reason does the woman give in choosing the hotel?
a. I’m free
b. I stay there
c. It gives the most satisfactory service
d. It’s on the beach
e. There’s a hotel there

Answer : C

24. Once upon a time there was a poor widow who had an only son named jack. They were so poor that they didn’t have anything except a cow. When the cow has grown too old, his mother sent jack to market to sell it. On the way to market jack met a butcher who had some beautiful beans were of great value and persuaded the silly lad to sell the cow for the beans.

Jack brought them happily. When he told his mother about this, his mother became so angry that she threw the beans out of the window.

When jack woke up in morning, he felt the sun shining into a part of his room, but all the rest was quite dark and shandy.

So he jumped to the window. What did he see? The beanstalk grew up quite close past, jack’s window. He opened the window and jumped to the beanstalk which ran up just like a big ladder.

He climbed....and climbed till at last he reach the sky. While looking around he saw a huge castle. He was very amazed.

Then jack walk along the path leading to the castle. There was a big tall woman on the doorstep. jack greeted her and asked for the giantess merey to give him breakfast, because he felt very hungry. Although she grumbled at fist, finally she gave jack a hunk of bread and cheese and a jug of milk.

Jack hadn’t finished when the whole house began to tremble with the noice of someone’s coming. “Oh! it’s my husband!” cried the giantess. “ What on earth should I do?”

Hastily the giantess opened a vey big cupboard and hid jack there.

The part of text that tells us about the place, and the character of the story is mentioned in paragraph....
a. Paragraph 1
b. Paragraph 2
c. Paragraph 3
d. Paragraph 4
e. Paragraph 5

Answer : A

25. The text is mostly written in the.....
a. Simple Present Tense
b. Simple Past Tense
c. Past Continuous Tense
d. Present Perfect Tense
e. Passive Voice

Answer : B

26. Where did jack sell his cow ?
a. At the castle
b. At the market
c. At the giant’s castle
d. At the butcher’s house
e. On the way to the market

Answer : E

27. What is the text about ?
a. Jack and the butcher
b. Jack and the gianterss
c. Jack and the beanstalk
d. A poor window and his son
e. The giantess and his husband

Answer : C

28. The text is mostly written in the....
a. Simple Past Tense
b. Simple Present Tense
c. Present Perfect Tense
d. Passive Voice
e. Past Continuous Tense

Answer : A

29. “ On! it’s my husband!” cried the giantess ( Paragraph 7 ) “What on earth shall I do ?” From the sentence we know that the giantess is ..... her husband.
a. Afraid of
b. Angry with
c. Fed up with

d. Annoyed with
e. Displeased with
Answer : A

30. Jack’s mother is very furious when jack told that....
a. The beans were very precious
b. The butcher bought his cow
c. He has sold his cow a butcher
d. He trade his cow for the beans
e. He met an butchet on the way to the market 

Answer : A

31. Read the following text


Cyberstalking is the use of the internet, email or other electronic communications to stalk, and generally refers to a pattern of threatening or malicious behaviors. Cyberstalking may be considered the most dangerrous of the there types of internat harasment, based on a posing credible threat of harm. Sanctions range from misdemeanors to felonies.


Cyberharassment differs from cyberstalking in that it may generally be defined as not involving a credible threat. cyberharassment usually pertains to threatening or harassing email messages, instant messages, or to blog entries or websites dedicated solely to tormenting a induvidual. Some states approach cyberharassment by including language addressing electronic communications in general harassment statutes, while others have created stand - alone cyberharassment statutes.


Cyberbullying and cyberharassment are some times used interchangeably, bur cyberbullying generally refers to electronic harassment or bullying among minors within a school context.

The text mainly tells us about...
a. The definition of cyberstalking
b. There types of internet harassment
c. The most dangerous internet harassment
d. The electronics harassment
e. There is not right answer

Answer : B

32. From the text we know that the most dangerous of the there types of internet harassment is...
a. Email
b. Cyberstalking
c. Cyberharassment

d. Cyberbullying
e. A,B,C are right
Answer : B

33. Based on the text, which is not involving a credible threat...
a. Internet harassment
b. Cyberstalking
c. Cyberharassment

d. Cyberbullying
e. Email
Answer : C

34. .............Dedicated solely to tormenting an individual (pragraph 2). The underlined word has the closest in meaning to...
a. Relatively
b. Wisely
c. Exclusively

d. Badly
e. Widely
Answer : C

35. Based on the text, what makes cyberbullying different from cyberharassment...
a. Cyberharassment commonly refers to electronic harassment or bullying among minors within a society context
b. Cyberbullying generally refers to unusual electronic communication or bullying among minors within a school context
c. Cyberbullying usually refers to electronic harassment or bullying among minors within a school context
d. Cyberharassment generally refers to electronic harassment or bullying among minors within a school context
e. Cyberstalking generally refers to electronic harassment or bullying among minors within a society context

Answer : C

36. TEKS UNTUK NOMOR 36 - 37
Jl. Jendral Sudirman 112-116, Palembang
May 21, 2011
PT. Internusa
Jl. Gatot Subroto, Jakarta
Dear Sir or Madam,
We are interested in becoming a distributor for you software products in Palembang. Would you please send us you lates catalogs, brochures, and terms of agreement?
We are a hardwere company and eager to add software products to our sales offering. Our annual report enclosed.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Sincerely yours,
Imam Subagyo

Who is the sender of the letter
a. Eurika d. Chairman
b. Sir e. Imam Subagyo
c. Madam

Answer : E

37. What kinds of letter is it...
a. Invitation letter
b. Personal letter
c. Bussiness letter

d. Letter of application
e. Complainting letter
Answer : C

38. Read the following text

A long, long time ago, the lion and the stork were friends. one day, the lion asked the stork to come to his house to eat.

When the stork arrived at the lion’s house, the lion put two bowls of soup on the table. The lion ate his bowl of soup so quickly. When he finished, he asked the stork, “Did you like my soup?”

But the stork was angry because he couldn’t eat the soup. His beak was too long! When the stork went home, he was still hungry, The lion laughed and laughed.

Then the stork had an idea. he asked the lion to come to dinner. He filled two tall pitches with good soup. They began to eat. When the stork finished eating. he asked the wolf he wanted more to eat.

But the lion was angry. His mouth was so big that he couldn’t get it into the pitcher. The lion went home hungry. and stork laughed and laughed.

The lion and stork haver never been friend ever since.

What does the write want with his story...
a. To retell past events
b. To explain about the lion and stork
c. To amuse the readers
d. To describe a particular place/thing
e. To persuade the readers

Answer : C

39. The following statements are TRUE according to the text, except...
a. The stork’s beak was too long to eat the soup
b. The lion and the stork knew each ather
c. The lion invited the stork to his house to eat
d. The stork was still hungry when he went home
e. The lion ate the soup in the stork’s house

Answer : B

40. His mouth was so big that he couldn’t get it into the pitcher. What does the word “it” refer to...
a. The lion
b. The stork
c. The soup

d. The stork’s mouth
e. The lion’s mouth
Answer : E

41. In which part does the writer arise the crisis of the story...
a. Orientation
b. Complication
c. Resolution
d. Coda
e. Re-orientation

Answer : B

42. The lion and stork have never been friends ever slince. The underlined phrase means...
a. Became enemies
b. Make a frienship
c. Had a good relationship

d. Had no friend
e. Promised each other
Answer : A

43. The Following test is for questions 43-44
Good acting and good story can make a play interesting. it is equally important to make it as realistic as possible with suitable costumes. props and sets. be creative but don’t forget to have fun.

Good luck socy.

“It is equally important to make it as realistic as...
a. Acting
b. A play
c. Costum
d. Prop
e. A story

Answer : B

44. What is the text about...
a. The writer’s complaint to the actors
b. The direction of making good acting
c. Steps on how to make a play interesting
d. Advice to make the play realistic and interesting
e. A motivation to make the actors work harder

Answer : D


Malin kundang was the son of poor fisherman who lived in a fishing village ( Kampung Nelayan ) in the mouth of batang. aru river in west sumatera. Malin kundang’s parent loved him very much. Malin kundang wanted to be a sailor since he was child.

One day, when Malin Kundang was grown up, he worked on a cargo ship and because he was diligent, careful, smart, and strong, the captain of the ship asked him to be the second command to the captain of the ship asked Malin Kundang to be his osn in law. Malin Kundang married the captain’s daughter. Only in a short time Malin Kundang because very wealthy. He owned a ship and because a very successful captain.

One day, malin Kundang’s mother came to see him. She was very delightful to see her soon. But Malin Kundang pretended not to recognize his own mother. Malin Kundang’s mother was very deeply sad and at last she cursed Malin Kundang to be a stone, and she went home sadly.

X : Who was a poor fisherman
Y : ......... was
a. Malin Kundang
b. Malin Kundang’s son
c. Malin Kundang’s father
d. The captain of the ship
e. She went home sadly

Answer : C


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