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Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7 Semester 1 2019 K13 Revisi

Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris SMP kelas 7 Semester 1 kurikulum 2013 revisi ini untuk digunakan adik - adik maupun para guru sebagai bahan pembelajaran. Sebagai referensi dalam membuat naskah asli pun juga bisa. Asalkan sobat sudah mencocokkan materi yang admin jadikan acuan dalam pembuatan latihan soal ini.

Materi UAS Bahasa Inggris kelas 7 semester 1 di artikel ini mengacu pada standar kurikulum 2013 revisi. Walau pun begitu, untuk perubahan terhadap K13 lama masih minim. Jadi pengguna K13 juga bisa menggunakannya. Berikut ini rinciannya :
  1. Good morning
  2. It's me
  3. What time is it
  4. This is my world
  5. etc
Sebagaimana yang telah diketahui bahwa UAS (Ujian Akhir Semester) di K13 ini berubah nama menjadi PAS. Tapi karena sebagian besar kalangan lebih mengenal UAS, maka judul artikel admin buat sedemikian rupa.

Moho maaf, karena tidak ada kunci jawaban dan pembahasan

Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris SMP kelas 7 Semester 1 2019 K13 Revisi

Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9 Semester 1

Jumlah keseluruhan soal UAS bahasa inggris kelas 7 semester 1 (ganjil) adalah 50 butir, dalam format soal pilihan ganda. Dan untuk memudahkan dalam proses pembelajaran, maka admin juga menyertakan file PDF, linknya berada di bawah ini..

Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7 Semester 1 2019 K13 Revisi PDF, DOWNLOAD

Baiklah, langsung saja berikut ini adalah Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7 Semester 1 2019 K13 Revisi. Selamat mengerjakan... 

1 August is after....
A. September
B. October
C. December
D. July

2 In the school yard
Rina : What day is it today? Rini : It is Tuesday.
Rina : Oh, No! Tomorrow will be....
Rini : What’s up? Why are you nervous?
Rina : We will have a math test, will we?
A. Monday
B. Thursday
C. Friday
D. Wednesday

3 Erlin goes to the post office to....
A. send her mail. 
B. buy vegetables. 
C. reserve a table. 
D. borrow a book.

4 Saki : Who is the baby with your mom, Desi?
Desi : She is Astari, my aunt’s daughter.
Who is Astari? Astari is.... 
A. Desi’s sister
B. Desi’s aunt
C. Desi’s mom’s niece
D. Desi’s mom’s sister

For no 5-6

Were can you find these things? I can find these things in the.... 
A. in the garden.
B. dinning room
C. living room
D. rest room

6 You can find the following items on the table, EXCEPT....
A. Rice
B. Glasses
C. Forks
D. Knives

What days does Erlin attend pencak silat extracurricular? Erlin attendspencak silat on.... 
A. Saturday and Friday
B. Tuesday and Fiday
C. Wednesday and Saturday
D. Tuesday and and Wednesday

8 When does Erlin practice her English speaking skills?
Erlin practices her English speaking skills.... 
A. on Saturdays
B. on Wednesdays
C. on Tuesdays
D. on Fridays

9 From the schedule we can conclude that?
A. Erlin attends four extracurriculars activities. 
B. Each extracurricular starts at 7 a.m.
C. Erlin plays basketball twice a week
D. Each activity lasts for 2 hours

10 Text for no 10 – 12
Joy : Hi, Bulan. Bulan : Hi, Joy.
Joy : How’s life?
Bulan : I am very well, thanks. You?
Joy : Me too, thanks. What are you doing here, in the hospital? 
Bulan : I am going to visit my cousin. She suffers from typhoid. 
Joy : I’m sorry to hear that. By the way, are you alone?
Bulan : No, I am with my parents and sister. There, they are. I am sorry, I have to go now. Good bye, Joy.
Joy : Bye, Bulan. Take care.

Who are the speakers in the dialogue? The speaker in the dialogue are.... 
A. two close friends.
B. brother and sister.
C. mother and son. 
D. girl and doctor.

11 How many people are visiting Bulan’s cousin? There are.... people visiting Bulan’s cousin.
A. two 
B. three 
C. four 
D. five

12 Which expression is used when take leaving?
The expression used when take leaving is....
A. How’s life?
B. I am so sorry to hear that
C. I am sorry, I have to go now. 
D. I am very well, thanks. You?

13 Text for no 13-14
Anjani : Hi! I am Anjani. I am from Indonesia. 
Rico : Hello! I am Rico. I am from Italy. 
Anjani : (13)....
Rico : Nice to meet you too.
Anjani : Do you like Indonesian food?
Rico : (14) .... It’s tasty.

A. Wow! 
B. Hello.
C. Nice to meet you.
D. I’m from Indonesia.

14 A. No, I don’t.
B. Yes, I do.
C. Never.
D. No.


Seva : When will the train depart?
Lesty : At....
A. ten to two
B. ten past two
C. two to ten
D. two past ten


Today is Monday. It is.... o’clock in the morning. Edo gets up and take a bath.
A. ten to four
B. four to ten
C. four past ten
D. ten past four

17 Andi : Let’s go to a......
Dono : What for? 
Andi : For the final of an interschool soccer competition. Our school team will play!
Dono: Really? Let’s go then.
A. stadium
B. harbour 
C. school 
D. city hall

18 Text for no 18-19
At home
Brenda : What is the time, Mom? 
Mrs. Ita : It’s a a half past five.
Brenda : I don’t see father. Where is he?
Mrs. Ita : He has to work overtime. 
renda : Will we have dinner with him?
Mrs. Ita : Sure. He will be arriving home soon. Please wait.
Who are talking in the dialogue? 
A. Two sisters
B. Two friends
C. Aunt and niece
D. Mother and daughter

19 What happens to Brenda’s father?
A. He comes home late.
B. He comes home on time. 
C. He has dinner outside.
D. He has dinner with his client.

20 Text for no 20 - 22
Mrs. Helena is my mother. She is a nurse at a local hospital. As a nurse, She has to be ready 24 hours. She has to work different shifts, in the morning, afternoon and at night.

My mother is slim and medium height. She has short straight hair and thick eyebrows. She wears a veil when she works. She is kind, patient and always smiles. Her colleagues and patients like her. I love her so much. I like her so much.

What is Mrs. Helena’s duty? Helena’s duty is....
A. see sick people
B. register sick people
C. prepare medicine
D. attend to sick people

21 What is Mrs. Helena like?
A. She is beautiful. 
B. She is smart.
C. She is easily tired. 
D. She is talkactive.

22 From the text we conclude that.....
A. Mrs. Helena is a good nurse.
B. Mrs. Helena works every night. 
C. Mrs. Helena works for 24 hours.
D. The writer dislikes his/her mother’s job.

23 Text for no 23 - 25
Erlin and I always (23) .... school together. We also (24) .... during the break. You know, it’s nice to talk with Erlin. She is always (25) ..... and optimistic which makes me happy to be beside her. Hovever, we seldom go home together because we attend different extracurricular activities.
A. stay 
B. go to 
C. play 
D. study

A. chat 
B. chase 
C. chew 
D. choose

25 A. upset 
B. cheerful 
C. exhausted 
D. graceful

26 Text for no 26-27
Alim : What are your (26) ...., Lisa? 
Lisa : I like swimming and singing. 
Alim : How often do you swim?
Lisa : (27) .... a week.
A. address 
B. hobbies 
C. houses 
D. names

A. One 
B. First 
C. Once
D. Second

28 This place is always full of students during the break time. The students eat food and drink juice.
It is a..... 
A. library 
B. garden
C. laboratory
D. canteen

29 Father needs a .... to hang this photo on the wall.
A. knife 
B. pail 
C. snail 
D. nail

30 My brother has a pet. It has white fur, long ears and a short tail.
What animal is it? It is … .
A. a bird
B. a cat
C. a hamster
D. a rabbit

31 Adit : Where are you going? It is....
Lisa : I am going to watch the new film. 
Adit : Is there a new film?
Lisa : Yeah. Today is the premier.
A. at supermarket
B. a hospital 
C. a cinema 
D. a hotel

32 Text for no no 32-34
Windu : Excuse me, Sir. Did you park your car beside the gate?
Mr. Arsa : Yes, What’s the matter?
Windu : I am sorry, Sir. It’s a prohibited area.
Mr. Arsa : There is no sign saying that it’s a prohibited area.
Windu : In fact, there is a sign on the wall. By the way, would you like me to move your car, Sir? 
Mrs. Arsa : Yes, of course. Thank you.
Windu : I am really sorry for the inconvenience, Sir. Please enjoy your dinner.

What is the dialogue about? The dialogue is about....
A. A wrong parking.
B. a wall sign
C. a man and his customer.
D. a mechanic with a broken car.

33 Where does the dialogue take place? The dialogue takes palace ....
A. at home
B. at a book store 
C. at a restaurant 
D. an an office

34 What should Mr. Arsa do? Mr. Arsa should....
A. order a seat. 
B. move his car. 
C. Get another.
D. leave the place.

35 Edwin : Erlin, may I borrow your.... please? Mine is broken. I want to make a line.
Erlin : Sure here you are. Edwin : Thanks.
A. ruler
B. bow
C. pencil
D. sharpener

36 Text for no 36-37

What is the text about? It’s about....
A. Oki’s family
B. Oki’s characters
C. Oki’s hobbies
D. Oki’s biodata

37 It is 2018. When was Oki born? Oki was born in ....
A. 2003
B. 2004
C. 2005
D. 2006

38 Complete the following dialgue by choosing the best answer.
Someday in the classroom.
Doni : How are you today? 
Dita : ....
A. The day is fine
B. You are welcome
C. Today is Wednesday
D. Fine. How about you?

39 Choose the best answer.

Armi : What food do you like? Lina : I like....
A. beef steak
B. meatballs soup
C. beef soto
D. lamb satay

40 Complete the following dialgue by choosing the best answer.
Chandra : How do you do, Mrs.Taylor? 
Mrs. Taylor : ....
A. How do you do, Nick? 
B. I am fine. Thank you. 
C. You are very kind.
D. Sit down here.

41 Text for 41 – 42
Ganish, Erlin and Noval are at the (41)..... now. Ganish and Erlin are going to return books, while Noval is going to (42) ..... a novel. He wants to spend his weekend reading the novel.

A. classroom 
B. library 
C. laboratory 
D. teacher’s office

42 A. borrow 
B. lend 
C. bring 
E. show

43 Complete the following dialgue by choosing the best answer.
Tiara : Hey, you are stepping on my foot.
Donna : ....
A. Oh, I don’t know.
B. Well, let me see.
C. Oh, forgive me, please. 
D. You are right.

44 Complete the following dialgue by choosing the best answer.
Boy : Would you show me the way to the canteen, please? 
Girl : It’s opposite the laboratory.
Boy : Thanks a lot. Girl : ....
A. I am sorry,
B. My pleasure is mine. 
C. I don’t know.
D. It’s a problem.

45 Text for no 45 – 46
Mr. Adit : Isma, could you help me deliver this invitation card to Mr.Prasetya, please? Isma : Do you mean Mr. Prasetya, our new neighbour, Dad?
Mr. Adit : Yes. Isma : ok, Dad.
Mr. Adit : Thank you, dear.
Isma : Don’t mention it.

Who are the speakers in the dialogue? The speakers are....
A. brother and sister.
B. father and daughter. 
C. teacher and student. 
D. uncle and niece

46 What should Isma do? Isma should....
A. meet Mr. Prasetya at his home. 
B. read an invitation from Mr. Adit.
C. deliver an invitation card to Mr. Prasetya. 
D. write the invitation card to Mr. Prasetya.

47 You should park your motorcycles or cars in the....
A. floor
B. ground floor 
C. parking area 
D. playground

48 When do we celebrate Youth Pledge Day? We cebrate Youth Pledge Day on the....
A. April the twenty – first
B. May the second
C. May the twentieth
D. October the twenty – eigth

49 Mrs. Rianti : Please brush the floor and clean the tub?
Erlin : Sure, Mom.
The speakers are in the....
A. kitchen
B. bathroom 
C. living room 
D. garage

50 Andika is Mrs. Uut’s nephew. It means Mrs. Uut is Andika’s ....
A. mother
B. niece
C. aunt
D. cousin

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